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Get The Forever Warranty On Every New and Qualifying Used Vehicle

We want you to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are covered for the cost of critical mechanical breakdowns. That’s why we’re proud to provide the Forever Warranty on every new and qualifying used vehicle we sell.
Only available at any Red Rock dealership.

What does it cover


All internally lubricated parts, timing belt, pulleys, and cover, oil pump, water pump, manifolds, harmonic balancer, engine mounts, turbocharger housing, internal parts, and vanes.

Note that Cases, housings engine block and cylinder heads are only covered if damaged by the failure of an internal lubricated part.

Transfer Case

All internally lubricated parts, torque converter, vacuum modulator.

Manual Transmission/ Transfer Case

All internally lubricated parts.
Note: Does not include manual clutch, pressure plate, throw-out bearings, pilot bearing or bushing, clutch master or slave cylinders.

Rear-Wheel Drive

All internally lubricated parts, propeller shafts, supports and U-Joints, axle shafts and bearings.

Front-Wheel Drive

All internally lubricated parts, axle shafts, constant velocity joints, front hub bearings.

We protect you from unexpected powertrain repair costs like these!

Engine Overhaul
Water Pump
Transmission Overhaul
Oil Bump
Drive Axle Overhaul


How much does it cost?
The Forever Warranty is included on every eligible vehicle sold at our dealership.
How long does it really last?
Our Forever Warranty lasts as long as you own your vehicle.
What does it cover?
The key components to keeping your vehicle running are covered like: the engine, transmission, transfer case, all-wheel drive assembly, and drivetrain assembly.
Please note, Ineligible vehicles: 2500HD, 3500 HD, Superduty, or 2500, 3500 Trucks, NV Lineup, GTR, Vehicles older than six model years. Vehicles over 65,000 miles. European manufacturer vehicles. Hyper Sports cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc… and Commercial vehicles. Vehicles with accessories not installed by the factory.
Please see the actual warranty and take the time to carefully read all of the terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions (as not all parts or circumstances are covered). The Forever warranty is available before purchasing the vehicle; Vehicles under 6 model years of age and 65,000 miles are eligible some vehicles are not eligible. Some restrictions apply. See dealer for details.

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